First wine tourism workshop organized in Bordeaux: Château Mayne Lalande

Already good plans for visits for this summer (South West, Tuesday February 20, wine section, César Compadre)

Putting in contact the châteaux and agencies offering tours was the objective of a workshop organized in Bordeaux. Examples of places to discover.

A wine tourism workshop (workshop, place of discussion), was held last week in Bordeaux. Its goal ? Connect châteaux, cooperatives and other merchants – each behind their own little table – with professionals (travel agencies, tourist offices, etc.) to present their offer.

“This event is taking place for the first time, we immediately responded” explains Hélène de Schepper, whose family owns the La Croizille (AOC St Emilion) and Haut Breton Larigaudière (AOC Margaux) châteaux. »The wine tourism sector is poorly organized, everyone is a bit in their own corner. Agencies sometimes prospect us to bring clients, but our properties are not classified growths, they quickly hang up the phone… ”she regrets. There are now so many initiatives in the field that work to identify the offer has to be carried out.

One million euros in the cellar

The Bordeaux region is organized for its production or its research but its wine tourism component remains fallow. Hence the interest of this initiative launched by Benjamin Moreau, especially since the services offered this summer to wine lovers are now being prepared.

After studying business and real estate experience, he made it his business. While launching a platform to sell wine, and events called Wine & Pro: producers present their bottles to company clubs. It was in January in a Maserati, in Mérignac, it will soon be in a church. “I am also creating an association of wine tourism professionals to exchange experiences and attend conferences”. There was therefore a place to be taken in this sector.


Lascombes, Mayne-Lalande …

(…) Château Mayne Lalande , in the hands of Bernard Lartigue, in AOC Listrac, is an excellent base, in a family atmosphere. (…)

Places to take …

(…) “There are TGVs to take in wine tourism! The attraction for Bordeaux is magical ”enthuses the one who spends his life selling boxes all over the world (Gérard Milhade). (…) Ideas are not lacking. The wine tourism sector has a bright future ahead of it.