Journal du Médoc, May 1, 2009: for the pleasure of the “Five Senses”

In a month’s time, new luxury guest rooms will open – at affordable prices – at Château Mayne Lalande, in Listrac Médoc.

For quiet nights, the customer will be served. Château Mayne Lalande, in Listrac Médoc, is located in the heart of nature, between vineyards and forests, chickadees, blackbirds and deer. Very soon, at the end of May, it will offer five guest rooms, in a superbly restored freestone building, located just in front of the cellars and the vat room.

For the owner of the premises, Bernard Lartigue, it is the culmination of a dream, that of bringing this domain that he has been operating for almost thirty years to life in a different way, practically created from scratch, after having taken over the family property, which gave in polyculture. Today, the vineyard represents about fifteen hectares and the wine it produces is unanimously considered as one of the locomotives of the appellation, of which Bernard Lartigue presided over the destinies for several years.

Nevertheless, the dream sometimes took on the appearance of a nightmare. The transformation of these former small dwellings and farm buildings took longer than expected, unexpected obstacles having arisen during the work. On arrival, the result is magnificent. Over nearly 400 square meters, five large rooms await visitors. All are very well equipped, with large bathrooms. The furniture, which is not yet fully in place, skilfully combines design and classic. The largest of these rooms is around 60 square meters and looks like a duplex, with, on the ground floor, a fireplace and a library.

Highlight of the house, a space of relaxation and well-being, with large jacuzzi and sauna. It will be offered in a “relaxation package”, with room and breakfast. In addition, another room conceals some treasures. Several hundred bottles in a private cellar, of which, Bernard assures us, “visitors will have the key, so that they can choose wines for which I will provide commented tasting.” Once a week, the owner of the premises plans to organize a dinner based on well-chosen local products.

We are therefore clearly in luxury, but without ostentation. The prices, they want to remain reasonable. From 80 to 150 € per night per room and for two people, depending on the package chosen, breakfasts included.

Obviously, comments Bernard Lartigue, “the period of crisis is undoubtedly not very well chosen for putting a product of this kind on the market. “But the project was launched almost three years ago, at a time when no one spoke of the crisis and when Bordeaux wines were still in their midst of the 2005 vintage. Which makes the challenge even more interesting. for someone who has never been afraid of challenges.

The “Domaine des Cinq Sens” – this is the trade name chosen by the owner – is already on the shelves of the organizers of wine tourism circuits in Médoc. It remains to be seen whether the customers will be there. Summer, which is fast approaching, will answer this question.

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