Technical data sheets for wines


Discover the technical sheets of the three wines we produce at the estate: Château Mayne Lalande, Emotion de Mayne Lalande and Château Myon de l’Enclos.

By clicking on each link, you can download in PDF format (1 page, 2 MB) all the technical sheets of our wines to find out more about their specificities, from 2007 to today.

Original vines, bottling, vatting time, vinification and aging will no longer hold any secrets for you. The sheets also include wine tasting comments.

Finally, you will find the translation of the sheets in Chinese at the bottom of the page.

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Downloadable technical sheets of Château Mayne Lalande


Mayne Lalande 2020 GB

Mayne Lalande 2019 GB

Mayne Lalande 2018 GB

Mayne Lalande 2017 GB

Mayne Lalande 2016 GB

Mayne Lalande 2015 BG

Mayne Lalande 2014 BG

Mayne Lalande 2013 BG

Mayne Lalande 2012 BG

Mayne Lalande 2011 BG

Mayne Lalande 2008 BG

Mayne Lalande Emotion Downloadable Data Sheets

Emotion de Mayne Lalande 2018 BG


Downloadable technical sheets of Château Myon de l’Enclos

Myon de l’Enclos 2020 BG

Myon de l’Enclos 2019 GB

Myon de l’Enclos 2018 BG

Myon de l’Enclos 2017 BG

Myon de l’Enclos 2015 BG

Myon de l’Enclos 2008 BG

Documents and files in Chinese

Mayne Lalande file in Chinese (PDF, 9 pages)